More On The Possible WrestleMania 28 Buyrate

ESPN’s Gus Ramsey posted yesterday that WrestleMania 28 did 1.9 million buys. This obviously started a chain reaction around the Internet, and Ramsey posted the following on his comments…

I trust who I heard it from, but again noconfirmation.

just something I heard. I’m not a reporter. Just a guy who likes wrestling and knows some people. Could very well be wrong

Re: WM28 buy rate. 1- I work at espn, not a reporter. Not the same thing. 2- I heard thenumber but have no confirmation.

haven’t seen anything in writing. so maybe the # is wrong, or I misheard it, but pretty sure that was the # + WWE very happy

We’re told the show did just under 1.1 (1.08) million buys but we can’t confirm that yet.

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