We get opening video from summerslam Brock Lesnar & Cm Punk match, Also the WWE Title Match that saw HHH screw over Daniel Bryan. 

John Cena comes out & address last night match with Daniel Bryan. He says that Bryan earned being WWE Champion. He speaks about his elbow injury & the medical staff said he had a torn muscle. He talks about how Bryan should have been champion but HHH cost him his moment. He says he has to leave the WWE for surgery for about 4-6 months. He introduces Daniel Bryan & Bryan comes out, He is about to say something but Stephanie McMahon interrupts. She says she is so sorry that HHH did what he did to Bryan. She says HHH was just doing what was best for business. Bryan disagree’s & says that HHH is corporate. He calls her trash, She fires back saying that he is just upset & going to let it slide. He says he isn’t afraid to be fired but he is going to get his money worth. She kisses his ass but she says he isn’t WWE Champion material. She makes fun of his size, she is calls him a B+. He says he doesn’t have to play by her rules & he can be WWE Champion. He knocks her microphone out of her hands. She brings out security to escorted him out of the building. He leaves on his own saying NO!

Damien Sandow Vs. Cody Rhodes
Sandow on the attack first the back sin the corner with right hands. They brawl for a bit until Rhodes catches him with an elbow. Rhodes with a front suplex, He rams Sandow head in the corner then nails a missile drop kick. Rhodes sends him out of the ring then hits a suplex on the floor. Back in the ring, Rhodes works the left arm but Sandow pushes him out of the ring. Sandow sends him back in the ring then a snap suplex following a knee drop for a count of 2, Back & Forth until Sandow sends him off the top rope . Back from break with Sandow hitting a neck breaker following a elbow drop for a count of 2. Sandow puts him on the top rope & goes from back suplex but Rhodes fights out then hits a moonsult. They trade right hands but Rhodes nails a back body drop & some offense fury followed by a quick roll up. Sandow hits a neck breaker out of nowhere for a count of 2. Sandow goes for another one but Rhodes hits the disaster kick. Rhodes tries to pull him back in but Sandow uses the ropes then He throws him in the corner but Rhodes reverse & rolls him up for the win.

Winner: Rhodes

We see Brad Maddox & he does a backstage segment about WWE Superstars commenting on HHH helping Orton. He says that Ziggler will show off in a 3-1 handicap match agains’t the shield. 

Paul Heyman comes out with his arm in a sling, He talks about how Punk to Brock Lesnar to the limit & he wants his son to come home. He says he is waiting to pair back up with Punk once again.

 Funkadactyls Defeats Layla & AJ Lee 

3-1 Handicap Match: The Shield Vs. Dolp Ziggler
Ambrose & Ziggler start things off, Ziggler trying to stay out of the corner but then Rollins makes a blind tag & Ziggler back body drops him followed by right hands. Ziggler runs into a kick & they tag in Reigns. Quick tags in & Out by the shield as they keep beating down Ziggler. After a way Ziggler fights back with a drop kick & a fameaser on Reigns. He throws Ambrose out of the ring then a DDT on Reigns for a count of 2. He suplex Rollins out of the ring. Ziggler goes for a splash in the corner but out of nowhere Reigns spears him for the win.

Winner: The Shield

After the match they triple powerbomb Ziggler to make their point.

Alberto Del Rio Vs. Sin Cara
ADR gets on the attack quick with right hands, He throws him into the ropes but Cara arm drags him out of the ring then hits an suicide dive to the outside. It hurt cara but they stop the match. Del Rio attacks him after the match.

Winner: Del Rio

After the match is over Alberto Del Rio does a promo about how Latinos have someone they can cheer for. He says he will be that person but Ricardo Roguiez comes out & says Del Rio isn’t a hero. Ricardo says he is happy that he represents someone new & its RVD. Van Dam makes his way to the ring & they stat brawling. RVD lays him out with a kick & when he goes for the frog splash Del Rio rolls out of the ring.

Prime Time Players Vs. The Real Americans
Cesaro gets in control with right hands but after some tag team work the players get in control. O’neal puts the boots to him in the corner but runs into a boot. A tag to Cesaro where the beat down continues. Cesaro hits a suplex for a count of 2. Quick tag & The real americans control with quick tags until O’neal gets the hot tag to young. Darren with cesaro & he hits a clothesline then a belly to belly. Young with a clothesline then a german suplex for a count of 2. O’neal takes care of Swagger but dumped over the top rope. Off the distraction Young hits the gut check for the win.

Winners Young & O’neal

Big Show does a backstage interview with Brad Maddox & it’s another 3-1 handicap match agans’t the shield.

A footlocker segment with Fandango is aired.

Ryback is shown backstage bullying people in the back. 

3-1 Handicap Match: The Shield Vs. Big Show
We start the match from break & Show is throwing them out of the ring to have his sights on one guy at the time. He tears them apart until they regroup & jump him. They suplex then finish him off with a triple powerbomb.

Winners: The Shield

Cm Punk comes out & talks about what Paul Heyman said earlier. He gets all pissed off at a fan for booing. He calls him some names yeah that wasn’t supposed to happen. He gets back to Heyman & wants him to come out. Heyman with Curtis Axel come to the stage, Punk says these is all he knows & he is sorry that he didn’t get his revenge on Heyman. He says he will not stop until he gets to him. Heyman fires back & tells Axel to get his hands taped. They’re going to fight but wait we have to wait for a commercial break.

CM Punk Vs. Curtis Axel in a fight
As soon as Axel came to the ring they started brawling. Punk got thrown into the barricade. Punk goes for the GTS but Axel takes out the knee & they target it with a chair. Axel lays him out with a front neck breaker. They followed up with putting a chair on Punks knee & Axel came off the top rope but Punk moved. Punk hits Axel several times with the chair. Punk throws him into the steel steps. Punk hit the GTS on the steel steps to end the fight.

Bray Wyatt VS. R Truth
They start brawling then Truth hits him with a heel kick. Bray with a shoulder tackle off the distraction, He hits a big splash in the corner then hits his finisher for the win.

Winner: Wyatt

The Uso’s Vs. 3MB
The uso’s take control early then Jimmy with some clotheslines. Health goes to the outside where Drew kicks Jimmy in the head. 3MB controls the match with short but quick tags for most of the match until Jey gets the hot tag & hits a combinations of punches & kicks. Jey with a forearm then a running but to the face in the corner but Health breaks it up. The rest of 3MB is taking out out by Jey with a dive to the outside & Jimmy nails a splash to win the match.

Winners: The Uso’s

The Miz Vs. Wade Barrett
Barrett takes control in the early part of the match then puts some knee’s to the face of the Miz. He kicks him out of the ring & Barrett follows with a elbow off the apron. He locks in a headlock but Miz fights out of it with right hands. Miz with a chin chipper then hits a forearm. He hits a clothesline & a kick to the leg. He drop kicks the same leg & locks in the figure four lock but blocked. Barrett fights back with some right hands then sets him on the top rope & Miz rolls over him & locks in the Figure four but out of nowhere Fandango comes off the top rope with a leg drop.

Winner Via DQ: Miz

Brad Maddox tells Stephanie that Daniel Bryan is back in the building.

We have all the superstars on the stage with all the McMahons in the ring. Vince says HHH saw the light & they hug it out. HHH says he screwed Bryan for the future of the WWE. HHH says the Fans deserve the best & he gave us an A+ in Orton. HHH says there is a lot of bad blood with him & Randy Orton but he buried it for us. He calls Bryan selfish & he needs check his ego at the door. He brings out Randy Orton, he says for the 10th time he is WWE Champion. He thanks HHH. HHH calls out Bryan & makes him feel at home with Yes Chants. Bryan comes out to the ring but the shield fights them off but numbers game comes to bite him & they go for a triple powerbomb but HHH stops it. He allows Bryan to get in the ring but Orton RKO him as he gets in the ring. They stand tall over him to end Raw.

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